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Trendgevoelig - On marketing, export, home theatre and domotica design

Video uitleg gehoorbescherming

Met deze video start ik een reeks waarin uitleg wordt gegegeven over gehoorbescherming. In deze eerste video gaat het over de drie verschillende vormen: oorproppen of oorpluggen, oorkappen en otoplastieken en een demonstratie van het gebruik: klik om video te starten

Bron: gehoorinfo

Keywords: oorproppen, oorpluggen, oorkappen, otoplastieken, gehoorbescherming

Internet and computer support for baby boomers

Just wondering; would there be a market to support the baby boomers with a very simple PC, Skype, webcam, DSL and very basic training. The PC could be setup with Windows or maybe even Linux and other free software like OpenOffice. Offer direct support to the homes.

What do you think?

Who will join me on the Install 2006?

From 23-25 April 2006 the Install Middle East will be at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre in Dubai.

Install the Middle East's unique showcase of cutting edge AV installation and integration technologies for residential and commercial projects.

Install is where key industry decision makers involved in the design and build of the region's major projects and initiatives come to meet major international manufacturers, regional suppliers, installers and integrators from the professional audio visual project installation industry.

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Keywords: install, dubai, show

eaDHome working like the sun

Maybe you were looking at my previous article 'Solar energy' and could not understand why it is on this weblog.

Well is it quite simple. A customer of eaDHome requested  some more information on PV-cells. He informed about it with an installer and they made it too difficult.

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Keywords: solar, PV, cells, eaDHome

Solar energy

SOLARSTART de startpagina voor zonne-energie - Hier vindt u de belangrijkste zonne-energie sites van Nederland. Sites over diverse toepassingen: netgekoppelde systemen, zonneboilers, zonnepanelen voor caravans,campers,boten en laders op zonne-energie voor GSM.

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Request from United Arab Emirates

This morning I received a request for quote from Maplin Middle East in Abu Dhabi. This request came in via fax and was very specific. So I am really proud of the reach of my website eaDHome

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Meeting with potential customer

Yesterday I had a meeting with a new potential customer. This potential customer has already some really nice audio and video equipment in his home. To secure this equipment a really extensive alarm equipment was necessary. But now one thing was still missing.

Problems the customer was facing:

So we talked about the requirements and what eaDHome could mean to the potential customer. Then in the beginning of the conversation a new name (at least for me) popped up; Control4. So I investigated. You can find more information on domoticspoint.com

Keywords: control4, potential, customer, eadhome

Dubai needs eaDHome

Just yesterday I noticed an article in the newspaper Een Nederlandse makelaar in Dubai  (dutch - registration required). I could not stop fantasysing about eaDHome helping (Dutch) people to decorate their homes with image and sound. These homes really would need stylish and good sounding audio and video equipment and automated homes. Today I also read that Tom Peter is in Dubai.

So what the heck.

If you know one person whom is buying/building a house in Dubai please drop me a note.

Or if you could be my link to Marco de Baat of AA Properties please drop me a note as well.

Keywords: dubai, eadhome

MBA Windesheim

Yesterday we had our yearly diner with the Alumni of Class 97-99 at MBA Windesheim. Most of the Alumni were present and it was a pleasant and interesting evening. It always nice to understand what is happening with your friends in their lifes, their family and at work.

New request for eaDHome

Just received a new request on the phone for a domotics installation. The potential customer has already purchased and installed some really nice home theatre equipment, but now they want easy of use. Also recently he learned more about the possibilities of domotica. Even when the possilities are there it is difficult to find good installers that can help you according to this potential customer. The electrical installers he talked to all claimed that they could this, but once he asked questions in detail he could notice that this was something not familiar for the installer.

The customer even visited the domotics show in Den Bosch the other day. A show that was a dissapointment for me last year. And a show more for the installers than for the consumer in my experience. 

Well, next Monday I have an appointment to do a first inventarisation.

Keywords: new, request, domotics, domotica, install